BW01: run’s command <command> exited with code 127, indicating ‘Command not found’. Use run’s return code checks, e.g. run -127, to fix this message.

Due to run’s default behavior of always succeeding, errors in the command string can remain hidden from the user, e.g.[here]( As a proxy for this problem, the return code is checked for value 127 (“Command not found”).

How to fix

If your command should actually return code 127, then you can simply use run -127 <your command> to state your intent and the message will go away.

If your command should not return 127, you should fix the problem with the command. Take a careful look at the command string in the warning message, to see if it contains code that you did not intend to run.

If your command should sometimes return 127, but never 0, you can use run ! <your command>.

If your command can sometimes return 127 and sometimes 0, the please submit an issue.